Noah's Ark

Introducing the newestmember

of our family…


an Italian Greyhuahua


Come aboard with Noah and watch the joy begin.

All his friends, both big and small can share in the fun with him!

Looking for Noah…

Our hearts were heavy as we had lost our beautiful dog, Tara, last year. She was a joy for eleven years, until the day came when we were forced to put her down, due to terminal and painful illness. Her story, however, has not ended. On the day she passed, we saw four rainbows, which we believe she had our Good God to send our way. We then understood in our hearts, that Tara was being cared for in a far better way now, then we could have ever imagined. We didn't know it then, but during our time of grief, our hearts were being prepared for a special meeting with a little pup who would have the same loving and endearing qualities our Tara had.

Noah was first seen by us at the Treasure Coast Humane Society in Stuart, Florida. He was set apart from the other dogs in a crate in a separate hallway. I am certain today, that the reason for his being alone, was because God would have him waiting just for us! I hoped that when I adopted a dog, it might be a small dog, like a Chihuahua. Howard, on the other hand, always preferred the look of the Whippet or Italian Greyhound. This pup, we came to discover was a hybrid, called an "Italian Greyhuahua". That is a cross between a Chihuahua and an Italian Greyhound! Moreover, the resemblance to our precious Whippet, Tara was uncanny! But Noah is male, both spunky and fun. He is only about two years old. He loves to love you and play with you… exactly what our family thrives upon!


Noah immediately knew that he was in a home filled with love and joy, and he responded in like. The first day we left Noah alone for a short time in his crate, or (Noah's Ark, as we called it!). This would be the last time he would ever be left in his crate, (ark). Noah has let us know we can trust him. He also has quickly learned he can trust us too. Noah knew instinctively, we would always return to the safe and loving place, which is our home and his. The bond of love and trust between owner and pet has quickly begun to flourish.

As the months and years go by, Howard and I will forever be grateful that our precious dog, Tara truly lives within Noah, as well. We look forward to his growing old with us. We know that this world is our open door to the next world, where happiness, joy, love and togetherness with loved ones will last for eternity!

Thank you Jesus, for making it so!

"Noah" and his friend