Tara's Legacy

The Legacy of "Lady Tara Joy"

You saw us as your family, right from the very start, so we took you home forever, never again to part.

Your sweetness and your shyness were all you had to be, but you wereso muchmore to us, as we would come to see.

Your playfulness; your naughtiness; All the gifts you shared!The way you listened to us, to show how much you cared.

Thank you, Tara, for listening to all that we would say,and for eating all your doggy food in your own veryspecial way!

Holiday time is when you really dressed the part. You certainly pleased us in your way, and also warmed our heart.

When we took you out to play,we laughed at all you would do.

Every creature big or small, would want to play with you!

They never were afraid of you, they simply knew your heart.

They loved you for your tenderness,and they would not depart.

When bath time came. you gave a smile, you simply loved to be kept clean.

Then we wrapped you in your blanket, for your nap timeandto dream.

You dreamed of all the things you did, and all that was to come.

Most of all you dreamed about the love you had for each and everyone!

Sweet Tara, you will always be our sweetness from above. Memories, they never die, they simply reside in those you loved.

One day we will meet again, but until we share that fun… Sweet thoughts of you will remind us of the joy that's yet to come!

Below are two videos of "Lady Tara which are on "YouTube"

Tara with "Lizard"

"Tara with BabyBird